Computing (IYO)


The International Year One in Computing is a first-year undergraduate equivalent program designed to build students’ knowledge and skills in the field of computing. This program is academically equivalent to the first year of a computing degree taught at leading universities in the UK.

Guaranteed Progression

Students who successfully complete the International Year One in Computing gain guaranteed access to the second year of an international bachelor’s degree at a top-ranked university.

What Will I Study?

Students enrolled in the International Year One in Computing complete a total of eight modules (four per semester). Each module is designed to provide comprehensive computing knowledge and skills essential for further studies and future computing practice.


Introduction to Computing (15 Credits)

Fundamental concepts and principles of computing.

Database Systems (15 Credits)

Understanding database design, implementation, and management.

Networking Fundamentals (15 Credits)

Basics of computer networking and its applications.

Programming (15 Credits)

Essential programming skills and techniques.

Software Development (15 Credits)

Advanced programming and software development methodologies.

Web Development (15 Credits)

Designing and developing websites and web applications.

Business Skills (15 Credits)

Key business skills for managing and operating within a business environment.

Organizational Behaviour (15 Credits)

Understanding organizational structures, culture, and behavior.

How Will I Be Assessed?

How Will I Be Assessed?

Exams and Assignments

University Progression

Upon completing the International Year One in Computing, you will have the opportunity to progress to multiple universities across the UK, with a range of degree courses available, including Computing, Software Development, and Information Technology. Computing degrees from UK universities are highly regarded by employers, even for those not planning to practice as computing professionals.

Entry Requirements

All applicants must meet the following minimum entry criteria:

  • Pass in 2 A-Levels subjects with grade C or above


  • Pass in Intermediate with 60% or above


  • Pass in Level 3 Foundation Diploma with 60% or above


  • Pass in IELTS with Overall Score of 5.5 with no bands lower than 5.0 or equivalent

Fee Structure

The fee structure for International Year One in Computing is as follow:


Amount in PKR

Tution Fee

Rs. 240,000/-

Library Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Student Activity Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Admission Fee

Rs. 40,000/-

Total Fees

Rs. 300,000/-


The fee structure for International Year One in Computing is as follow:


Amount in GBP

Initial Registration Fee