Law (IYO)


The International Year One in Law is a first-year undergraduate equivalent program designed to build students’ knowledge and skills in the field of law, and is equivalent academically to the first year of LLB taught at leading universities in the UK.

Guaranteed Progression

Students who successfully complete the International Year One in Law gain guaranteed access to the second year of an international bachelor’s degree at a top-ranked university.

What Will I Study?

Students enrolled in the International Year One in Law complete a total of five modules (three modules over both semesters and one module each per semester). Each module is designed to provide comprehensive legal knowledge and skills essential for further studies and future legal practice.


Contract Law (30 Credits)

This module equips students with essential knowledge and understanding of contract law, covering the formation, obligations, breaches, and remedies of contracts. Skills developed include oral and written communication, practical application of law, and information collection from secondary sources.

Criminal Law (30 Credits)

Students gain knowledge of criminal law offenses, defenses, and liabilities. This module focuses on developing analytical skills to reach confident, evidence-based conclusions, identifying criminal offenses, and applying legal principles effectively.

Public Law (30 Credits)

This module provides an understanding of the UK Constitution and its supporting institutions, enhancing students' legal understanding of a common-law country.

English Legal System & Legal Research Skills (15 Credits)

An introduction to the legal system of England and Wales, this module also develops core legal research skills necessary for succeeding in an LLB program and future legal practice.

Tort Law (15 Credits)

This module examines the legal framework of tort law, including common law principles and legislative provisions. Students will learn the policy considerations and objectives of tort law, understanding its role as a compensation and loss distribution mechanism.

How Will I Be Assessed?




Exams (conducted by DGI)

Study Abroad

Upon completing the International Year One in Law, you will have the opportunity to progress to one of six NCUK Universities across the UK, with a range of degree courses available, including Law, Business Law, Law with Criminology, and Law with Finance. LLB (Hons) Law degrees from UK universities are highly regarded by employers, even for those not planning to practice as Solicitors or Lawyers. 

Entry Requirements

All applicants must meet the following minimum entry criteria:

  • Pass in 2 A-Levels subjects with grade C or above


  • Pass in Intermediate with 60% or above


  • Pass in Level 3 Foundation Diploma with 60% or above


  • Pass in IELTS with Overall Score of 5.5 with no bands lower than 5.0 or equivalent

Fee Structure

The fee structure for International Year One in Law is as follow:


Amount in PKR

Tution Fee

Rs. 240,000/-

Library Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Student Activity Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Admission Fee

Rs. 40,000/-

Total Fees

Rs. 300,000/-


The fee structure for International Year One in Law is as follow:


Amount in GBP

Initial Registration Fee