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Start your degree in Pakistan and graduate on-campus at leading universities in the world.


Welcome to DenCo Global Institute (DGI), where we are dedicated to providing world-class education and fostering the next generation of global leaders. Our commitment to excellence, innovative teaching methods, and strong industry partnerships ensure that our students are well-prepared for their future careers.

About NCUK

Established over 30 years ago, NCUK was founded by a group of prestigious UK universities with the goal of helping international students achieve their academic dreams. NCUK offers a range of university preparation and pathway programs that ensure students are well-equipped for their academic journeys and future careers, in their home country, before proceeding to their study destination..

About NCC Education UK

NCC Education UK, established in 1966 as a division of the National Computing Centre, has become a distinguished global provider of British education. It offers a prestigious 1-year progression pathway in computing, enabling students to transition seamlessly into advanced study options at leading UK universities.

Guaranteed Progression

DGI is collaboration in UK is proud to partner with leading universities across the globe to offer unparalleled progression pathways for our students.

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Our International Year One in Law program, offered in collaboration with NCUK, provides a comprehensive foundation in legal studies. Key modules include Contract Law, Criminal Law, and Public Law.